We shape a trusted and positive country brand that guarantee a stronghold for Armenia in the global High-Tech marketplace. Projects like Why Armenia aim at presenting our country as land of surprising engineering and innovative mindset.
This is why
we do what we do
Armen Kocharyan
VOLO, Director
By participating in international events organized by UITE, we have gained an invaluable experience, thanks to which our international competitiveness has been increased.

Arman Atoyan
Arloopa, Founder CEO
I highly value the participation of "Armenian booths" being organized by the UITE during the various international events. Our company has also participated for several years and has achieved great success. Within the framework of CeBIT, we have presented our products in European markets and in many cases have had a successful cooperation. Within the framework of GITI's participation, we have been awarded various prizes for many times.