Inspiring stories of companies that reveals their vision of UITE membership benefits.
UATE Chairman's Speech
Aleksandr Yesayan
Sophie Mehrabyan
The main point I would like to stress is that UATE unites the problems raised by its members.
Hayk Yesayan
We have been collaborating with the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises for about ten years. Ucom has joined the Union within the frames of DigiTec Expo.
Arsen Abrahamyan
UATE is the platform where you can see the overall image of Armenian market.
Arman Atoyan
We share the vision UATE has adopted, that is to develop Armenian economy via ICT and technology development.
Arman Poghosyan
When a company wants to join the initiative to solve the issues regarding country development, UITE is the ideal place to discuss and put on the paper the real problems of the industry.
Matt Bartelsian
UATE give us voice. VՕԼՕ as VՕԼՕ does't have access to the type of decision makers and Government leaders that UATE does.
Andrey Pyatakhin
Beeline has become a full member of UATE for more than 7 years, and we jointly develop the IT sector in Armenia.
Artashes Harutyunyan
We become a member of UATE, because being united makes one much stronger, we also want to be aware of both the sector's and the companies' problems.