We reinforce Business-Government cooperation by providing a common platform for the dialog as business must be actively involved in the shaping of government policies for the overall industry success.
This is why we do what we do
Susanna Arakelyan
Instigate Robotics, Director
UITE is the reliable and responsible partner that helped to create constructive partnership relations with the Government and customs bodies of Armenia, as a result of which the quick and easy fulfillment of customs formalities and other processes substantially increased. This support became even more apparent when ‘’Instigate Robotics’’ company entered the ‘’Alliance’’ free economic zone. Being the first operating company of the free economic zone registered in Armenia, “Instigate Robotics’’ felt the legislative and procedural gaps connected to the free economic zones. And if there has not been the established cooperation with the UITE and Customs bodies, it would be much more difficult for us to overcome those gaps.